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Online Bar Camp For Ukrainian Higher Education Managers 

We would like to invite you to our ONLINE BAR CAMP FOR UKRAINIAN HIGHER EDUCATION MANAGERS on 6th of May, which we will organize in cooperation with Leibniz University Hannover.


In this bar camp, we will open up a space for exchanging ideas, networking and gathering the topics of HE Management, which are most relevant now. Each participant is invited to bring in his or her own proposals for topics to be discussed in group sessions. Any topic can be chosen that is of relevance for Ukrainian HE Management and internationalisation (e.g. joint degrees initiatives, digitalisation, networking, change management, …)


Please note that the event will be open to any Ukrainian HE managers, who are interested in active networking and in an exchange about current topics in internationalisation and HE management, so feel free to spread the invitation amongst your colleagues.


More information on the Bar Camp can be found HERE or on our Bar Camp Website: https://fh.ms/thea-x-barcamp


You can register here until 5th of May: https://fh-muenster.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIlc-ysqz8pHNbw4_pFOxeH2Fe3hUKapIWE (prior registration is necessary in order to gain access to the Zoom Link)


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