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Petro Jacyk Non-Resident Scholars Program – Updated Call for Applications  

The Petro Jacyk Non-Resident Scholars Program will bring together Ukrainian scholars, public officials, advanced PhD students and public intellectuals to participate in regular virtual seminars moderated by a member of the University of Toronto faculty on a common theme related to the war and the rebuilding of Ukraine. Under “Ukrainian” we understand individuals who lived/worked in Ukraine and/or had a primary affiliation with a Ukrainian institution at the time the war started. The goal of the seminar will be for scholars, intellectuals, advanced PhD students and/or practitioners to complete and present on a scholarly/artistic/or public policy related project. Virtual engagements will run September-December 2022 and January-April 2023.  Preference will be given to applicants who intend to or currently remain in Ukraine. 


Successful applicants will receive an honorarium of $3,000 CAD for their participation in the seminar as well as virtual access to the University of Toronto Libraries 


Application process:  Please send a CV and one-page cover letter outlining the proposed project to jacyk.programґ”_@э>їutoronto.ca. Please indicate in your cover letter your current location (do not specify the city if you prefer not to do so) and preferred dates for participation. 


Deadline: June 30  

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