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The Research Center for Heritage and Cultural Anthropology (RHeA) is a scientific unit of the West University of Timișoara focused on anthropological research and the promotion of the regional tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The center's mission is to document, archive and promote the cultural heritage of the Banat crossborder area. Thus, the research group coordinates and implements studies on cultural heritage. Due to the experience of its researchers, the center is involved in field research activities focusing on regional heritage, Romanian historical communities, multiethnic communities, intangible heritage, cultural tourism, etc.


Starting with 2019, RHeA has organized an annual international conference. Reaching its fourth edition, the event aims to promote not only the exchange of ideas, but also the framework for exchanging best practice examples addressing regional cultural heritage. Thus, previous editions of the conference were linked to current topics in Romanian Humanities, such as the Centenary of the Banat, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and its impact, Romanian schools of ethnology.


Given the growing interest in the study of daily food in traditional Romanian communities, a research area in which RHeA has distinguished itself due to research project carried out within the last year and a half, this year's edition of the conference is entitled Keywords: food and communism. Suggested topics: food brands, food substitutes, rational nutrition, canteens, case studies, memories, cookbooks from the communist period, books on food from the communist period / about the communist period etc.


The fourth edition of the conference will be organized on the 24th June 2022, in hybrid format, to facilitate the participation of fellow scholars from other countries. The languages of the conference are English, French and Romanian. No registration or participation fee is required. The proposals will include the communication title, five key-words and a 250-word abstract and will be submitted by the 25th May 2022 at the e-mail addresses: diana.mihut2ґВ@†u¦7e-uvt.ro and otilia.hedesan2ґВ@†u¦7e-uvt.ro


Additional information: diana.mihut2ґВ@†u¦7e-uvt.ro


Scientific committee:

Otilia Hedeșan (professor, West University of Timișoara)

Mihaela Bucin (associate professor, University of Szeged)

Cosmina Timoce Mocanu (researcher, Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca Branch)


Organizing committee:

Diana Mihuț (research assistant, West University of Timisoara)

Mălina Duță (PhD candidate, West University of Timisoara

Gabriela Panu (public relations expert, Central University Library „Eugen Todoran” of


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