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Exchange programme for students and scientists  

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) carries out the call for applications for the Exchange programme for students and scientists as a part of bilateral cooperational - offer for incoming students and scientists.

The objective of the Programme is to increase the level of internationalisation of Polish higher education and to create opportunities to establish or strengthen existing academic cooperation among Polish and foreign institutions of the higher education and science system.

The visits at the Polish univeristy under the Programme may last from 3 days to 12 months in an academic year 2022/2023 – depending on the provisions of the agreement on a basis of which cooperation is executed.

NAWA offers for Ukrainian students and scientists:

- 2 places - for the full cycle of studies, master's degree

- up to 10 places for partial/one-semester studies

- up to 40 person-months for internships.

The selected applicants will be awarded the scholarship to cover the costs of living, insurance and accommodation.

Please find the Regulations of the Programme and contact details to NAWA.

NOTE: NAWA does not accept individual declarations of applicants. It is necessary for the Applicant to be officially declared by a foreign partner institution (usually it is the Ministry of Higher Education) as part of the valid international agreement or bilateral cooperation.

In the case of traineeships, part-time studies or study visits, holding an invitation from the host institution or confirmation of existing cooperation is a prerequisite to obtain a scholarship. In order to receive the invitation please contact International Relations Office of KUL - Ms. Katarzyna Piwko, katarzyna.piwko‹;;РС›@ВEЌkul.pl.

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