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2022-04-12 13:42:23
Taiwan Experience Education Program for Ukrainian Students 

Taiwan stands together with Ukraine and offers a scholarship to Ukrainian students to undertake short-term professional and research programs in Taiwan.


This Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) for Ukrainian students (known as TEEP8„ЊА@5ЕYxUkraine) covers international round-trip fare, living expenses (NT$15,000/month for undergraduate students; NT$20,000/month for master and Ph.D. students) and university accommodation.


Successful candidates, “Ukrainian TEEPers”, can study in Taiwan for 3 months with the possibility of extension. We truly want to help Ukrainian students to get through this difficult time. In case the number of Ukrainian students has already exceeded the limit that UAM can afford, we can help Ukrainian students in continuing their studies in Taiwan.    


The Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) for Ukrainian students  https://www.taiwanembassy.org/pl_pl/post/6795.html    


To apply for the TEEP, Ukrainian youths shall complete the online google form  


The list of TEEP programs is available HERE    


There is another scholarship program dedicated to helping Ukrainian students study degree programs in Taiwan. The scholarship program "Taiwan’s Tunghai University Scholarship for Ukrainian Students" covers tuition fees, living allowance, round-trip airfare and on-campus accommodation. In order to apply for this program, Ukrainian students are required to complete the online google form


Taiwan’s Tunghai University Scholarship for Ukrainian Students  https://www.taiwanembassy.org/pl_pl/post/6803.html    


In case Ukrainian students need further information, we are at their disposal: 

email: poland8„ЊА@5ЕYxmail.moe.gov.tw

tel.: +48222130081

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